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Degree: BS TV, Film & New Media, Minor-Asian Studies, San Diego State University

Degree: AS Film, Los Angeles Film School

Courses: Design Communication Arts, UCLA

US Navy Veteran


Originally from Oxnard, California, Rommel started making videos with his Dad's JVC Camcorder in his early teens. After watching the movie, Back to the Future, Rommel decided that he would one day make a movie like that. After graduating with a degree in Television, Film and New Media at San Diego State University, Rommel set off to Los Angeles to pursue film by getting a degree in Production at the Los Angeles Film School and freelancing in independent film and video projects.

Rommel is an active participant in the 48 Hour Film Project in San Diego and Los Angeles. He is the lead editor for the feature documentary, Uploaded: The Asian American Movement and the 2nd Unit Director for the feature film, Lumpia: with a Vengeance.


Worked as the production and post-production lead for the International Secret Agents.


Worked in post production at BuzzFeed video.

Currently a video editor at Amazon Prime Video.


Location: Los Angeles, CA


2010 - present


Soul Meet        Director    – ROMIX Productions

Dyed                Role Name    Director Name – BB Productions


2010 - present

Online Media

ISA! Variety Game Show, Season 2    Camera Operator/Editor    Daniel "DPD" Park – Transparent Agency

Netflix Musical 




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